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Having worked on numerous eSports projects including the highly successful Method organisation, we pursue the quality and innovation that gets your team, organisation or venture noticed.

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esports website design service

Website Design

Bespoke business and eSports website designs tailored to suit you.

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We can make your social platforms look tremendous.

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Unique creative designs that will captivate your audience.

esports website development service

Esports Development

We understand eSports, let’s build something awesome together.

Esports Website Design

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Our esports website design service

When we work on your esports web design project we approach it with an understanding of the unique requirements that often regular business websites don’t. We are frequently told that conventional website design solutions don’t meet the needs of teams, organisations or guilds; often this is either by not offering a system that can display the information in a way that makes sense for an esports website design audience or even not knowing what esports is resutling in the client needing to educate them which impacts their project. We currently focus on developing unique website designs that your team, organisation or guild can be proud of; working closely with the client to achieve the best outcome for the project and their brand.

Our Esports design process

Our esports website design process is very similar to how we would approach a website for a business. We begin by taking as detailed specifications and requirements as possible (ranging from colour scheme, functionality required and layout preferences); these notes are then translated into visual mock-ups. We then review the designs with you making ammendments until we make sure your esports websites design is exactly how you envisioned it.

When we have a strong plan to work from development can begin, this is when the design starts coming to life, with frequent opportunities to track its progress and suggest changes (we understand the original plan can change when you can interact with your website). Finally once the website is ready and tested we can launch your new website whilst still keeping an eye out for any pesky bugs we may have missed during our intial testing.

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Custom Esports CMS

Key elements of the way we can specifically support the creation of esports websites is through the use of the custom CMS (content management system) built by Liam (@lightsoffire) and Paul (@paulthecreative). The CMS has been made with the intention to allow us to offer bespoke websites but with the functionality to allow users to modify a variety of content via the same admin panel. As the CMS develops we will look to release more information on it, but for now it will be used exclusively on our client’s websites.

Flexible Communication

We understand that for most clients their esports project isn’t a fulltime commitment and that feeling confident you can get in contact with us as quickly as possible is important for peace of mind when working and communicating with remote businesses. Because of this we always try to be available at a time when it’s most convenient for you.

One of the other great things we find with working in esports is the freedom we have to use a variety of voice and text communication programs/systems such as Skype and Discord; although don’t worry, we do also still use email frequently.

esports website design breakdown illustration

Client Testimonials

What the clients thought of working with me

Team Prime is very pleased with our new website sponsor duality media. The great design and outstanding quality of the website make it our best partner yet. Aswell Paul's personal approach whenever there is a problem is something we are very pleased with to have.

Duality Media have been invaluable in developing our website. We didn't have an exact plan, so they helped us craft the structure and get each individual page functioning perfectly. Their best attribute was the super-fast response time. They were also great at explaining how to keep the content up-to-date, this has improved our team's website skills and given us creative ownership of the site too!

Alex Harrison


Duality Media, where easy going. Very quick and good customer service, I would recommend him to anyone looking to start their own business like I am doing as he is very willing to arrange additional things to help you get up and running.

Edward Hollands

The Advert Man

Paul is a great front end developer and can almost always deliver exactly what you envisaged at a consistent and timely manner. I for one am extremely pleased we had hired Paul to create our website and I am extremely pleased that our business partnership has blossomed into a friendship and hope that Paul continues to work alongside us with, for many more years to come.

Daniel Wootton-Howell


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